Are You There?

by Bad Kids

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RECORDED/ MIXED/ MASTERED by Kris Hoffman at Studio West.

Kalani Lomu (queen k)- Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Keys, Drums, Glockenspiel, Qchord

Chad Boland- Keys, Vocals

Leon Lara- Drums, Vocals

Ray Hamilton- Guitar, Vocals

Arturo Macias- Bass, Vocals

Also Featuring:
Forrest Godinez- Bass, Vocals
Ian Curtis (not of Joy Division)- Percussion


released January 31, 2017

WE WOULD LIKE TO THANK: All of our parents and family members, Kris Hoffman, Studio West, Forrest, Ethan, Erica, Fake Tides, Los Shadows, Pueblo, Wolvves, Juan, Melik, Bryan, The Industry, The Che, The Irenic, Tim Pyles, Teb Podcast, Indie Spotlight, Sal's Parents, Cass, Nadia, Lynet, Litzy, T.Rexico, Sabrina Sweet, Leon's Mom, Pumba, Josh Kmak, Gabe, Salvador, RJ, Devin, Beach Goons, Xavier, David, LGP, Site For Sour Eyes, Our Baby Boy Ian, Zayne, Chutes, Our Hunniez, Cara, Spooky Cigarett, Instinct, Ridge, Bleach, George Santana, Sam, Chula Vistians, Cameron Royce, The Frights, Cheeks, Schlemiel O'Neal, Peeps, AND ALL THOSE WHO HAVE HELPED AND SUPPORTED US ALONG THE WAY! :)



all rights reserved


Bad Kids San Diego, California

Good, old-fashioned, dirty, teenage, Californian hoodrats.

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Track Name: DEF
Do you understand how much you ruin me?
You hold me in a prison of my own life.
I try to escape but you keep me here.
Do you understand how much you ruin me?

Because youre gone
from my mind,
but i want you all the time,
Track Name: Snake
Track Name: 64
I can't seem to get you out of my mind, but I don't want to but I
can't even force a smile. i'll just pretend for a while.
There is something that is killing me, when i look at your face.
I feel it deep inside. Every tear fell from my eye, but

I cant get away from what you did
its haunting i don't like it anymore
Well you should go away, you cant take it back
you smashed it all into a million pieces

and then when you said i shouldn't care, i couldn't believe my ears.
you won't pay for your crime. you don't care for what was mine.
It all seemed to just go away, when you got in my bed,
but it's still on my mind. I just wish that i was blind.
Track Name: Coming Home
I spent that summer there waiting for you.
all of your friends came along too.
I know you think there all coming back
And you know that i'm coming home

I'm coming home to you

I know that i said some things that weren't nice
But i don't care because you stuck with me ever single night
and i know that you hate every time that i go
but you know that i'm coming home
Track Name: Salem
She was a witch, we burnt her at the stake
But the spell that she cast on me will never go away
A heartless soul can only sing oh how i sing for you
oh how i wish she knew

And as she burned my heart went with her
now im lost in salem but the witch the witch is dead.
Track Name: Hurt / Worse
we go out yeah we go out
i'm not gonna tell you what i'm thinking about
and if you think i hurt i'll give it to you worse
Track Name: Tweety Bird
oh girl remember the days, my face would turn red just from one silly phrase.
but now i won't go where you don't want me to,
oh because girl i've got you.

you know we wont grow cold, and you will know because i love you so

You'd pick me up and we'd drive around.
so many times we got lost in our own town.
I still crave your touch everyday,
and i long to hear you say....
Track Name: Sith & Wesson
they met at six with their guns in their hands
They couldn't decide on who was the bigger man
And when they met they said it started to show
They looked at me and said they didn't Know

What to do with you

They met at dawn with six shooters in their hands
They knew they might be shot dead by another man
And when he bled his body started to run cold
At least we know that's how the story is told
Track Name: Something New
Music: Ray Hamilton
Lyrics: Ray Hamilton
Track Name: Woman In Red
She's Coming Through the window Don't let her see you walking around
If you don't think quick She's gonna put you in the ground
She knows what you're thinking and she knows what you're gonna do
And if you don't start running, she's gonna catch you.

Track Name: Denial
Where have you been i've been calling all day
with no answer i'm used to it anyway
and you're gone for days at a time
with no warning are you giving me a sign

i want to know if you're there, because i'm scared

So just tell me if i'm not your guy
if you never loved me there's no point to even try
i'll just pack up and leave before you're home
when i'm with you i feel twice as alone

i want to know if you're there, because i'm scared

So don't tell me what i want to hear
you're gonna make me shed more tears
our time has come just let it be
you were never there for me